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I recently migrated my listening data from to listenbrainz. All the songs transfered appear as hyperlinks, where i can click to get additional data.

I also submit listens from my android phone via “Simple last fm scrobbler”, which works, but theese submissions are not hyperlinked.

I have my tags fixed by Picard, so they should be acurate. Also, I do not know, if the app also submits unique song/album/artist IDs, but I doubt it.

Am I doing something wrong?

You’re not doing anything wrong, but the Simple Scrobbler doesn’t use the MBIDs for its reporting, and those make sure the links are clickable.

The stupid thing is that it used to work, but one of the devs disabled it for some reason.

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I see. Thats a shame.

And I am guessing, there is no app to submit listens, that also uses MBIDs.

I just pushed a PR for Simple Last.FM Scrobbler to hopefully get this issue moving along: