Something wrong with the WebService?

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Are there problems with the load on the server? The web site is slow responding and from the web service I get the message "your request are exceeding the allowable rate limit."
It’s no fun to add new releases to MusicBrainz.


Yep, MusicBrainz is currently way overloaded; see



Thank you for the answer and good luck for establishing the EU presence


The problem I’ve noticed the last few days is that the error seems specifically targeted at the user of a given app rather than saying the global limit has been reached. Worst case scenario, I could be hitting you with up to 5 requests spaced 1.5 seconds apart every 3-4 minutes yet I’m getting the same message as the OP.

I know the API has been sketchy for some time now but at least before, it said the global limit had been reached and I fully understand that and it’s reassuring to know it’s not just me. The current error is making it look like I’m doing something wrong when I’m not.


This is a recent change as we’re trying to eek out the last remaining bits of capacity we have in our current hosting setup. Once we’re done with the schema change, we’re all going to focus 100% on working to get ourselves to a new hosting company.

Along the way we’ll keep making minor tweaks to try and improve the current service, but if you see the link to my lengthy explanation that was posted above, you’ll see that we’re in a tricky situation.

Thanks for your patience!


^Since I forgot to say it before, thanks to you and everyone else for your efforts.