Something wrong with

the websites of are very slow responding.
Something wrong?
Can’t sent acoustids to the server.

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Looks like there was a significant spike in submissions yesterday, which historically has signaled that the service will be slow or unresponsive for the next few days:


Daily additions of Acoustid on Statistics | AcoustID is gone to ZERO

Yeah, that happens sometimes. AcoustID is a 3rd party system not run or maintained by MetaBrainz/MusicBrainz staff. More information can be seen on the following post:

If you’d like to flag an issue with the maintainer, their contact information can be found at the following address: Contact us | AcoustID


It seems to me that hardly anyone cares whether the acoustids are set in the recordings or not.

Seems to work again (but takes some time until all submitted/queued entries will be processed):


Was just coming to check if something was wrong since fingerprints I submitted yesterday weren’t showing up yet. I guess it’s still catching up.

People will certainly be thankful when using the Scan option in Picard, at the very least, since it doesn’t work without them!


I’m curious about that
I have uploaded the fingerprints for several releases, but they are not displayed in the releases and this has been the case for a few days now.

From what I can see it seems like fingerprints I submitted sometime on Tuesday have now popped up on the release I added.

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Sorry about the recent troubles. I had a couple of really old servers in production, which were causing many problems, especially with submission imports. I’ve done some work to replace the servers with new ones and tried to optimize the importing process to be more resilient to the issues I saw.

For full transparency, there is now a public dashboard, where you can see more details about the production environment:


Thanks a lot for the update and for maintaining AcoustId.


Cheers @lukz !

This is a bit off topic, but when I was looking at these fingerprints that were initially delayed, I noticed that 2 tracks failed to scan in picard with an error (E: 18:14:13,199 acoustid_init_._on_fpcalc_finished:213: Fingerprint calculator failed exit code = 3, exit status = 0, error = Unknown error), what’s the best place to post about it if you want to look at the file, to possibly solve it? Here in the forums, github issues or somewhere else?

EDIT: Actually I just took a listen to the tracks and seems like the tracks itself are corrupted in some way, there’s some odd skipping so my guess is that the mp3 stream itself is broken, so probably not an issue with fpcalc at all. :smiley:

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I had some hope these fixes might have helped with my forever pending submissions… but I’m still out of luck.

@ lukz, thank you.