Somebody know about this old and forgotten (even by google) swedish band: Zease

Hello everyone :wave:
This afternoon I need to get the traduction for ease on google, but I fail and add a z at the start. so I wrote Zease google found a Youtube video with a little more than 200 views.
Curious, I decided to listen and it looked like old skate punk rock. I was now more curious and I started to search more on google about this band.
Unfortunately I found nothing, there were two probative results. Other songs of the band and a forum talk about the band. In the forum the members of thread ask for information, nothing useful for my curiosity. In the song video, in description I found the name of the member. this a pics of the description.

So I found nothing else, Anyone know who they are ? How enter in contact with some of us ?

Thank for reading me and hopefully help me ^^


I cannot watch any, they are deactivated, or something.
Oh now it works on another computer.

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It seems like you actually have found more information than you usually find. A majority of these type of Swedish bands seems to consists of hobby musicians, often school friends, that perhaps plays a few local gigs and record some tracks together (that they self release) but they never get famous and then break up.


Is this the same Zease on Discogs? They have a single track of theirs on a compilation album

Someone in Spain is even selling this CD with a track on.

Ah the fun of the unknown… Googlewhacking a band. Excellent. I love quests like this finding the unknown quality tunes out there.

I love this kind of “found music”. So much better than the junk in the “charts”. I have found some incredible music on random tangents like this.

Edit: which video did you find with 200 views? I just find this with 42 views:

And a large chunk of those views will be due to you creating this thread.

Last FM:

I think you should add that Demo Tape to MB. @jesus2099 has linked the track names, just what is the correct order?

This is what MB is about - documenting the obscure!

(I have added many Punk bands like this)

Just found a blog page, but won’t list it due to it having a dodgy virus on it… just made ESET have a fit on my PC “Zease are from Sweden. Word is they released one demo. The song “Awakening” was on a compilation from Vital Records back in the day. I think these songs are a web rip from somewhere that I can’t seem to find anymore. Any info would be helpful!

So it doesn’t say anything new… links to the same audio @jesus2099 linked.

Trying to find band from the previous century, before Google, is tricky. But also why we need to add what we find to MB no matter how rough the details. It then becomes the basis for the next editor to improve.

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A trick that sometimes works for me, is, if I find a decades-old URL for/about a band and the webpage is dead, sometimes will have it. For a band this old, I could imagine some old Geocities or Tripod website or maybe IUMA or
However, it’s quite possible that a small-time local band like this never bothered to create a webpage.


You didn’t need a webpage back in 1997. It is why the digital researchers fail. This tape was probably handed out at a gig in a pub. Google didn’t even exist at this time!