Some Writer/Composer/Lyricist combos do not return results in Picard

I’m trying to tag this album’s composers:

I have a script that combines Writers, Lyricists, and Composers, so I can use them in iTunes “Composer” field. The problem is, with some songs, Musicbrainz doesn’t send all of these fields to Picard.

Minnie’s Yoo Hoo has Walt Disney and Carl Stalling listed as Writers, and returns “Composer: Carl Stalling; Walt Disney”

Mickey Mouse Club March has Jimmie Dodd listed as both Composer and Lyricist and returns “Composer: Jimmie Dodd” and “Lyricist: Jimmie Dodd”.

Grim Grinning Ghosts has Buddy Baker listed as Composer and Xavier Atencio as Lyricist. These fields do not show up in Picard at all.

Eight songs on this album have some combination of composer, lyricist, and/or writer, yet only three return results in Picard. Does anyone know why? Is there something that has to be changed on Musicbrainz or is this something I can fix in Picard?

This happens whether or not I have the script running, so I’ve ruled that out.

I just tried loading this release into Picard (I am using 1.4.0dev5) and the entries you describe all look correct to me (Picard matches what the web page is showing).

What version of Picard do you have?

Thanks for checking. I am using 1.3.2 but thankfully the issue has resolved itself. I think there was some kind of connectivity issue. I tried some other albums that I know tagged correctly before and I was getting similar results.

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