Some question with get mbid

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usually,i get mbid in【discid】and it work generally.
but some time i cant get mbid in this way.
for example
there have release id
in this case, the release id is disappear.

what can i do for can i get mbid with discId?


Low-tech-skilled observations and questions only:

cdstub id="g0SPhPjZDHK4GFc0wUC79_lGq6M-"
title>Pafuera Telarañas</title
When I go the two releases with that title

neither list the discID

Also I see your first discID is named as
disc id="spVV8GNAkmFNwX6GlHshBuuA4yU-"
And the second is called
cdstub id=“g0SPhPjZDHK4GFc0wUC79_lGq6M-”

I’m wondering how the cdstub id is related by MB to those Releases.

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the discID is create by this course :

I don’t know the difference between cdstubid and discID
would you tell me how to find the releases ID by cdstubid?

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That disk id is not linked to a medium in musicbrainz.

To submit this:
launch picard.
Click the look up cd button.
This will then open the musicbrainz website where you can find a release and link it to this disk id.