Some MusicBrainz userscripts are not working anymore (MBS removed Lodash)

This is weird… My Tampermonkey is not working anymore. I had a few add ons but 2 of them are not working anymore. The add-on for Wikidata … I cant see it anymore in tempermonkey and it does not work anymore. Same with missing work

Whe I click on Tamperkonky its says “Er worden geen scrips uitgevoerd”… However the addon to discogs is still working

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Most of my userscripts broke with yesterday’s MBS upgrade, updates should be available for individual scripts now (version 2020.9.8)
Not sure from your message if there’s something else wrong with tampermonkey itself.


oww that is sad for you. Hope it will work later on. Good luck and thank you for your answer



Is this why my discogs import isn’t working?

The Discogs (and the encyclopédisque) import is strangely just about the only one of my installed scripts that still works (even if the UI comes in german instead of english …). The add-on for wikidata works again (thanks @loujine). All my other scripts (MergeHelper / Power Vote / Replace Artists/ Set attributes / set comments and more) are still down :-{

All of @loujine’s scripts I sent fixes for and should be fine now, but I might have missed some problems :slight_smile: Do make sure you have the latest version (from yesterday). Other scripts I haven’t touched yet - if they depended on our lodash they might very well have broken for the same reason.

My Discogs script works fine, FWIW.


Thanks. But obviously not only the @loujine scripts have been affected

When I try to use Discogs it sends me to a login page even though I’m logged in, and then when I get to the release editor it has lost the data. I did double check I had the latest version.

Maybe you’re logged in the beta site and the script points to the main site? Or the opposite?

I have just installed discogs importer on Firefox for Android 68 with Violentmonkey: it works for me.

It seems to have sorted itself out. :man_shrugging:

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‘MusicBrainz: Batch-add “performance of” relationships’ does not work currently.
UncaughtReferenceError: _ is not defined

You can open an issue here: Issues · murdos/musicbrainz-userscripts · GitHub



My Wikipedia addon is still not working in firefox neither does Missing Works.

So if it is working for other people again what am I doning wrong. I revomed those 2 from tampermonkey and installed them again.

Now I have to work with two browsers cos both add-ons are working fine in Edge but in Edge my add on for discogs does not work.

I dont like working with Edge. I do so want my add ons back :crazy_face:

Greets Tiske

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Hi Loijin

Can please tell me where I can find cos I spend most of my time last night looking for them but…

Maybe you have a link for me?

Ty and greets Tiske

What version do you see for the wikidata script? If you have a very old version of these scripts still looking for updates on bitbucket, the upgrade cannot work.

The latest versions of the scripts are on github (and gitlab): GitHub - loujine/musicbrainz-scripts: Collection of greasemonkey scripts for MusicBrainz

e.g. for wikidata:
and for missing works:


@ loujin

Thank you so much. Happy to tell you it is working again. Happy for you but soooo happy for me :rofl:

Have a really nice weekend



In case anyone else hits a similar problem: I had a greasyfork version of the “Copy dates on recording relations” script which didn’t show any updates available. After I deleted that installation and reinstalled from github, it’s working.

Thanks @loujin and @reosarevok for the fixes.


Hello @loujin,

many thanks for fixing scripts so quickly. I still observe an error in the script which populates details from wikidata / ISIN / VIAF: when populating this work from this VIAF page, Chrome shown an error in script line 1323 “Cannot read property ‘textContent’ of undefined”.

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@alex_s7: I opened a ticket to look at it, not sure it’s related to the changes on MBS (I never use the VIAF/ISNI imports so maybe it has been broken for a long time)

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@loujin: I have often used the script to populate artists and works from VIAF, but I have never seen this error before.

Example: I have done edits to on 2020-09-02 by importing data from VIAF URL If I try to import from the same VIAF URL now, data is not imported, and Chrome console shows the error message I have provided above.

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