Some minor improvements

…would be nice:

  1. Brighten the color of the scroll bar thumbs on the right side of panes in the Picard main screen. My system runs Windows in dark mode (Picard interface color theme set to default) and the scroll bar thumbs are dark gray on the same dark gray background. They’re essentially invisible to me.

  2. When quitting Picard, allow it to optionally save untagged albums still in the queue so they load automatically at the next start. I mean save the queue, not the tags since they will still need to be reviewed and confirmed.

  3. I’m also wondering about being able to submit a cluster as a new release to musicbrainz from the album pane since that’s where I usually discover it’s current album match is incorrect and the appropriate release isn’t in the database yet. Naturally, it would need to import only the existing file metadata, and ignore the Picard-linked mismatched metadata. Once the new release has been entered, I can plug its new url into Picard and drag the files into it from the mismatch.

These features would save the user some clicks and time and hopefully wouldn’t require a lot of coding.


@outsidecontext @Zas ??

  1. Please open a ticket for this on . But I need to check that. In general the dark palette for Windows is controlled by Picard, so we can adjust this. But there are no dedicated colors for just the scrollbar, so changes there might also affect other parts of the UI. I’m also unsure what exactly the scrollbar “thumb” is. Maybe you can illustrate this with a screenshot.

  2. There are already the tickets PICARD-293 and PICARD-685. But currently this has no big priority.

  3. This already exists: When you right click on a cluster there is “Submit cluster as release…” in the context menu.


Thanks ecomaniac for putting in the effort to express one of the things I have also observed and has been bothering me a bit, but was too lazy to create a post or a ticket for.

Ideally I would like to be able to skin (colour) any element of Picard myself, but it’s not something important enough for me to raise in an official manner.

  1. re: the thumb - I didn’t know what to call it so I looked it up before the post. It’s the mobile scroll bar component that you drag to move the pane. There are probably other terms for it.

  2. Excellent!

  3. This exists only in the cluster (left side) pane. I’d like to see it also in the album (right-side) pane in the context menu - perhaps at the bottom of the submenu for “other versions” where one discovers there’s not a correct version available.

Edit: ticket opened