Some listens not being added to reports / charts

Lately I have noticed that some listens are not being added to my reports and charts. For example on January 7th I listened to 10 songs of The Strokes, This Is It (, but I cannot find these listens anywhere in my reports or charts.

Another issue that I found is that the count between different charts is inconsistent. My top artists chart shows that I have listened to Arooj Aftab 11 times (User "Gretschplayer99" - ListenBrainz), while my top albums chart shows that I have listened to her album Vulture Prince for 17 times (User "Gretschplayer99" - ListenBrainz). Arooj Aftab is the main artist on every song of the album.

The music I listen to are mostly FLAC files ripped from my CD’s which I have tagged with Picard beforehand.

Does anyone have an idea what the possible issue could be? Am I doing something wrong probably?

ListenBrainz reports are generated asynchronously from your listens data. Thus, there’s always a small delay until the report includes your new listens, usually a day.

It seems, however, that the report generator is currently broken, because listens haven’t been processed since January 4th (looking at the “this month” view). It’s the same for me, so it might be a general issue.
@lucifer could you look into it please?

The last update on my profile was two days ago, on January 8th. So it’s probably no general issue.

Hi! Thanks for the ping @Maxr1998. I had taken a look and it was indeed broken since we ran YIM. I regenerated the stats with a fix. So by the time @outsidecontext looked at it, it was already fixed.


@Maxr1998 @lucifer thanks for looking into it! The listens now also show up in my reports.