Some (extensive) release MBID's for testing purposes?

To test a self-made Picard script I am looking for some release MBID’s including
a) at least 2 mediums
b) disc subtitles
c) ISRC numbers
d) several different artist-credits
e) several different releationsships

I have found one so far from a single artist/group:

Do you know some more?

I also need some releases from “Various Artists”. Could you please tell me a few?


So basically you want Mutli-Disc Boxsets with titled discs?

Here are a very random 11…
Some intentionally big, some with titles on only some of the CDs, some with other media types.
A selection of Various Artists in here too. Not too hot on the ISRCs, but plenty of relationships.


Great. Thank you very much! :partying_face:


Just a quick random handful from the shelf. Can probably find some more later if required. I can specialise in “awkward” selections to better test\break something.

Now I gotta go put that V Classic on as need some tunes to focus by…