[Solved] Issues Pulling Genres from Musicbrainz

I am running Picard version 2.7.0b2.
In the options, under Metadata > Genres, I have enabled “Use Genres from MusicBrains” and the fallback option. I put the minimal genre usage at 90% and I put the max number of genres to 2. I set ‘join multiple genres with’ ,

As for plugins I only have these enabled: AccousticBrainz Tags (so I can get the mood, key and bpm), then Additional Artists Variables and finally Smart Title Case. ti have no tagger scripts besides a single file naming one from Bob Swift which I modified and which does not touch genres.

Ok with this out of the way…when metadata is pulled from musicbrainz, I get more than 2 genres tags often and they are completely different than what is online when I click on the same song and browse musicbrainz website where I can often see 2 or less relevant genre tags. They are also NOT separated by , but rather by ;

So where are the genre tags coming from? Why is there more than the 2 I specified? Why the different separator?

Anyone with some insight would be appreciated. I actually like often the genre musicbrainz has on the site and would actually like to be able to get at those when I do the lookup.


Upon testing various options and using a process of elimination and then refreshing the album from musicbrainz, I figured it out. I am posting this here in case someone else comes across the same issue.

The culprit is the AccousticBrainz Tags plugin. It has an option which I enabled, called Add Simple Genre Tags. If you enable this, it will, it seems, completely overwrite what you set under options Metadata > Genres. I have no idea where these tags come from. But if you disable the Add Simple Genre Tags then you get the behaviour you would expect.