[solved] I cannot figure out a script to take out the slash, feat, featuring and replace with semicolon

I’m needing to change the slash between artists in the “artist” field to a semicolon between. (original value)
On the New value. Only the first artist is carried over.
So in the “New value”, I need Babyface; Beverly Crowder; Sheila E. [for an example]

This is the same as the original value would have feat or featuring to be listed what the new value is listed as above.

I can’t figure out how to write a script to achieve what I need or find the answers I need on the community page


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Hi @albiekOH330, give this a shot:

$set(artist,$replace(%artist%,/,; ))


It semi-works. The third person (Sheila E.) is not carried over on the Artist, Artist Sort Order, or Artists.

I’m scratching my head with this one.

On another issue. The [LIVE], [EXPLCIT], or (clean) from the original value from the album isn’t carried over

I had reset to defaults and a few scripts now won’t work.

Sounds like the artist field is being pulled from MusicBrainz and replaced with what is set in the database. If you want to keep your tags and just have the script work on the strings after the album is matched, try the following:

  1. Right click on the relevant field (e.g. “Artist”)
  2. Click “Use original value”
  3. Head up to the track or album and right click on the track or album title
  4. Click “Run scripts” and choose the relevant script

Regarding the “Live”, “Explicit” and “Clean” info, it’s probably the same story. This is considered Extra Title Information, or ETI. The following has some helpful information: Style/Titles - MusicBrainz Wiki You may need to put it back yourself or utilize the “Use original value” button mentioned before.

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I moved to another track on the same album. The 2nd and 3rd in artist in separated by a comma and in the artist sort order and Artists the 3rd artist names are separated by a semi-colon. I’m using beta 2.7.0b2. I’m going to export the two working scripts and tomorrow, uninstall this version. Reboot and install the regular version and see if I am still having issues.
Thanks for your help!

For sure, no problem.

For the commas, you may need another script, or may want to add another line to the same script if you want it to handle those as well. Just holler if that’s what you’re looking for and I can post one.


I wanted to give you a quick update. After I uninstalled, reinstalled in Stable, and now back to 2.7.0b2. The previous bugs are gone. I tweaked a few scripts. I need to get the Additional Musician Fields working and somehow try to find a way of either having scripts or plug-ins to give accurate music genres up to 3 and/or by retaining what I already have entered.

Just to add some of my scripts if they can help at all… what I do currently.
Also, in Settings/Metadata/Genre you can set the number of Genres, though not sure if it’s perfect, I could be having a plugin or two overriding the number of them?
Unfortunately, Genre’s aren’t as great as they could be, so you pretty much have to manually edit them sometimes, like when someone decided to put every possible Genre almost in the list LOL.

$set(artist,$rreplace(%artist%, with ,; ))
$set(artist,$rreplace(%artist%, feat. ,; ))
$set(artist,$rreplace(%artist%, and ,; ))
$set(artist,$rreplace(%artist%, & ,; ))
$set(albumartist,$rreplace(%albumartist%, with ,; ))
$set(albumartist,$rreplace(%albumartist%, feat. ,; ))
$set(albumartist,$rreplace(%albumartist%, and ,; ))
$set(albumartist,$rreplace(%albumartist%, & ,; ))
$set(artistsort,$rreplace(%artistsort%, feat. ,; ))
$set(artistsort,$rreplace(%artistsort%, with ,; ))
$set(artistsort,$rreplace(%artistsort%, and ,; ))
$set(artistsort,$rreplace(%artistsort%, & ,; ))
$set(albumartistsort,$rreplace(%albumartistsort%, with ,; ))
$set(albumartistsort,$rreplace(%albumartistsort%, feat. ,; ))
$set(albumartistsort,$rreplace(%albumartistsort%, and ,; ))
$set(albumartistsort,$rreplace(%albumartistsort%, & ,; ))


Thanks so much. That should fix most of my issues that I’m having.
By the way. I saved your reply as a pdf for future reference!!

I updated the list, added one option I had missed…

Also, I still need to figure out how to adjust the scripts so I can use them “without” having to do a “lookup” or “scan”, so I can just save the adjustments I need to do to some files rather than ONLY on save AFTER lookup/scan which is how most of them are currently working.

It’s weird, some of the tags I can update without doing lookup/scan, but then others don’t with what I just said, so have to figure that out still.
Also, there might be some other scripts/adjustments I need to add. Still in process of working it all out myself.

Great to hear, hope it helps you along… I was were you were just a month or two a go, had to figure this all out, and still doing so LOL. Most of these I wish they were Settings already we could set, because I know these are more “common” things people need to adjust.

Also, you might not want to “PDF me”… LOL, like I mentioned, total NEWB meself. :slight_smile:
I was actually thinking of creating a “thread” that they PIN to the forum in which everyone contributes their scripts, with a name and description as to what each does, which would help those like us (or at least me) in which this script stuff is almost GREEK to me. LOL

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You can manually run scripts via the context menu. This also works for unmatched files.

Ya, some of the Tags were changed per my scripts through the Context Menu, but then some others weren’t, even though they were the same exact scripts as were running on the other tags, so need to test this further to see why this was happening, it didn’t make sense.

For example, the same script would make a semi-colon and space in one tag, but then for another tag nothing would happen.

Picking on what you guys are talking about, is there any way to make Picard change the & in the artist tag to another character like a semicolon? Obviously when they are featurings.
I don’t think a regex would work here because there are some bands/groups that have an & in their name so running a regex will mess with their names, in that sense this would be need to be done when Picard is gathering the information replacing the & for ; and then present the info, am I correct in this?

One example could be The Mamas & the Papas, lets say they had a featuring with 2 other artists so the metadata would be something like The Mamas & the Papas feat. Jhon Doe & Pepé Le Pew and if we apply a regex to replace the & and the feat. it would end up like The Mamas; the Papas; Jhon Doe; Pepé Le Pew.