[Solved] Feature Request... Add "Search Engine Album Link" (video demonstrating)

It would be great if you could add a LINK to the Right-Click Menu AND add a BUTTON to the Main Menu so we can do an “Album Cover” Search to make it easier to add Album Covers, and even better it gives you SPECIFIC ones for the Song itself, not just a generic cover for the entire album.

BTW, I don’t know if the “Search Engine Lookup” Plugin can be improved to do this?
It’s almost what I’m looking for, but as it currently works it doesn’t work well at all, and only works with “cluster” stuff which I don’t even get etc.

As I explain in the video, the Search would do an Image Search for:

  • Title,
  • Artist,
  • and the words “album cover”.
    This brings up great results to quickly add the desired cover, and even better to add a cover that’s specific for the Song/Track itself, which is especially desirable when you have “collections” such as 90’s, 80’s, etc.

Here’s a Demo Video for what I’m asking for: https://youtu.be/KrrkIbqLM7g


On an art trawl? Do you know of this? Album Art Downloader download | SourceForge.net

@tigerman325: Thanks for the promo but I don’t think the userscript will be of much use in Picard :wink:

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I really need to pay closer attention to the groups these post are under, lol.


I think this kind of functionality is best put into a plugin.

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Ya, the Search Engine Lookup Plugin has a lot of functions I’m looking for, it just needs to be adjusted/changed/added according to my post to actually DO what I’m needing, cause as is it just doesn’t work right.

I’ll try to contact him through Github, if anyone can let him know about my post, would be great, thanks.

Ya, though I’m looking to include ALL the tags I want into files, doing all the adding of Tags thats needed all at the same time, so I’m simply needing Picard to be improved so when I need to manually look up Covers it’s easier to do so.

Agreed. I’ve modified the “Search Engine Lookup” plugin to add the requested functionality, and opened a pull request to update the version in Picard’s master list.