[SOLVED] Cannot convert mixtape/street tag to Mixtape

As the title states, I am trying to organize my folder structure with Singles, EPs, Albums, Mixtapes, and etc.

Currently using this code:

$if($eq(%releasetype%,album), Albums/,
  $if($eq(%releasetype%,single), Singles/,
    $if($eq(%releasetype%,ep), EPs/,
      $if($eq(%releasetype%,broadcast), FM/,
        $if($eq(%releasetype%,other), Other/,
          $if($inmulti(%releasetype%,dj-mix), DJ Mix/,
            $if($inmulti(%releasetype%,remix), Remix/,
              $if($inmulti(%releasetype%,soundtrack), OST/,
                $if($inmulti(%releasetype%,live), Live/,
                  $if($inmulti(%releasetype%,mixtape/street), Mixtape/,
                    $if($inmulti(%releasetype%,compilation), Compilation/,)
$if($if2(%_date%,%originalyear%,%originaldate%),[$left($if2(%_date%,%originalyear%,%originaldate%),4)] ,)
$if2(%_artists_album_primary_cred%,%artist%) - 
$if($if2(%_date%,%originalyear%,%originaldate%),[$left($if2(%_date%,%originalyear%,%originaldate%),4)] $if(%albumartist%,%album%,) - ,)
$if($and(%albumartist%,%tracknumber%),$num(%tracknumber%,2) - ,)
$if($if2(%_albumartists%,%artist%,) - ,)%_titleForFilename%

However this particular line $if($inmulti(%releasetype%,mixtape/street), Mixtape/, is not recognized at all. All the other tags work in the script and recognizes singles, albums, OSTs.

I have no idea why it’s working. Any help would be much appreciated.

Inside file naming scripts slashes in variable values get replaced with underscores, as slashes are used as directory separators.

That means the code snippet must be $if($inmulti(%releasetype%,mixtape_street), Mixtape/


Thank you so much! That worked! I can’t tell you how many threads I came across with code written exactly like that and not one person mentioned replacing the slash with an underscore.