[Solved] Anyone know of a way to Auto-Embed “Artist” Art into MP3’s…?

Lot’s of stuff for Albums, but not finding any that does the same for “other” Image Tags within music files?

I’m trying to get the “Album Art Downloader” dev to add the ability, should be fairly simple.

Also, is there any way to take “existing Art” within a folder to auto-embed the art into the files?
For example, MusicBee auto-downloads missing Artist Art and puts it into a folder, and the images are under the Artists NAME. So, if a program could read the Artist Tag in files, and then match the name of the image and then embed it, that would work too.


Hey all, with the help of Mp3tag, figured it out… Here’s the solution.

1. create an ACTION “Import cover from file”,
2. then select the folder/file directory in the first field (format string), replace a selected jpg with %artist%.jpg in the field (the file path should look like this C:\Users\yourusername\Desktop\Thumb%artist%.jpg for example),
3. then select Artist in the next field (Import Cover as),
4. and then ensure you have all the files you want to add the Artist images into in Mp3tags window and they are selected, and run the Action.

You will have been able to “batch process” individual artist images, embedding them ALL for every MP3. As noted above, MusicBee created thumbs of every artist and put them in a folder under the artist name which made this easy to then use Mp3tag.

NOTE also that artist images MusicBee didn’t find will NOT be in that folder, so you will have to edit those music files manually. You’ll get an error for those missing images when you run the above Action.
Also, this action can be done with “other” image types, just change accordingly.

Thanks to both MusicBee and Mp3tag making this easy…

p.s. the forum removed the backslash after Thumb above, fyi.

Oh, and also feel free to use your favorite file size reducer to reduce the image sizes if you want. MusicBee saves them at 1,000x1,000 pixels.
I reduced them to what I like the cover sizes to be at 640 pixels. The program I used was XnViewMP.