Solo project that became a group?

The Living Tombstone used to be a solo project of Yoav Landau, starting in 2011, but it turned into a group around 2016. should there be two artist entities, a person for Yoav by himself and a group for the duo? maybe add an artist rename relationship? I’m thinking yes to both, but I wanted to get some opinions

more information is available from RYM.

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I would change the type of the existing artist entry to Group and set an “original member” relationship to the solo real-name artist with the appropriate start date.

Similar to how we don’t create a separate solo artist in cases where an artist that originally was a group is left with only a single member.


I remember a similar case, just running the other way, from group to solo. This is how it’s been solved on MusicBrainz:

actually, I just remembered Alice Cooper did the same thing Nena did

…so I think I’m still leaning towards two entities, for these two (or rather four) reasons :wink:

The two examples of Nena and Alice Cooper feel different to me, because they represent the common situation of a member of a band going solo, so of course they are different musical artists now. Except, coincidentally, the band they left has the same name.

The situation described by the original poster is more like a band adding new members. We don’t create a new artist for membership changes, right? Is a one-man band adding members fundamentally different? Maybe that’s the key issue here.

I’m not familiar with The Living Tombstone, but as an outsider this is how I read it: Yoav used this name instead of his own to release music because this project had a distinct artistic identity. Now if he wants to carry on with that name as a band it’s probably because he still considers it the same.

I’m thinking of The Magnetic Fields, who started as a duo, then solo, and are now a full band. But there is artistic consistency there: it’s always the music and songs of Stephin Merritt.


There is no simple answer. I agree with @cmaclaughlin’s thoughts. One person starts to make music, gets some session musicians and mates in. Next album gets the same people in. Realise they gel as a band. Sets out and tours with their original name, but now a fixed lineup.

I generally look at an artist’s website. If they treat their early stuff just like part of the same catalogue then I would tend to rename them to a group. A group that started with a single “original member” and just changes line-ups over the years.


unfortunately, there’s no apparent artist website to go off of, and likely no label page either, as I’m pretty sure they’ve been unsigned for their entire run. every “The Living Tombstone” release does appear on their Bandcamp though, and perhaps that’s close enough.

there’s no obvious difference between pre-Sam Haft releases and post-Sam Haft releases. apparently he joined sometime between Dog of Wisdom (remix) (in 2015) and Jump Up, Super Star! (late 2017, and Sam’s first credit on a release)

If they are to remain one entity, should I link it as the performance name of Yoav with an end date? since that was true for that time, I feel that may be the most accurate way to capture this data, and it seems the database would allow it too. something like this? (with a note in the annotation, of course)


it might be an odd way to do it, but this is a bit of an odd situation, in my eyes…


If he seems to control his Bandcamp site, I’d treat that as him saying “this is my band and all track associated with my band”.

This seems a bit too odd to me. I’d just set Yoav as “Original Member” as it would then stand out as he was the only “Original” with different dates appearing for later members who joined.

Did Yoav always have other unnamed musicians? Or was the first recordings just him? It is not that unusual for a band to keep changing and evolving around one core member.

Annotations are also good. I’d do a little write-up \ mini-history for the band in the annotation and then it can make things clearer for people reading.

the first 4 Bandcamp releases (spanning from 2012–2014) are just credited to Yoav, except for some remixes on one and a Collab on another. there are many YouTube releases from this time, but I haven’t looked into those yet, and some may have been privated

Sorry, I meant when he was performing as “The Living Tombstone”. I didn’t mean mixing stuff with different credits.

so, I just looked at their YouTube, and all of The Living Tombstone’s tracks I found before Tom’s Dog were either credited to Yoav or The Living Tombstone, or not credited at all. that is, save for a several one-off collabs, which are of course credited. also, collaborating with other artists was (and still is) a big part of the Brony fandom.

Yoav also did several responding to comments videos, where he responds to some comments from his previous track, and they’re all titled “Tombstine Responds to Comments”

it is exciting to see all their old videos up though, a lot of older Brony musicians have scrubbed their old YouTube and SoundCloud channels of anything Brony in recent years…

I just re-read your question, lol… I believe it was all just him early on, but I suppose I can’t say for certain…

for the first few years, he pretty exclusively made electronic music, dubstep, glitch hop (EDM), and the like, and the couple times I hear guitars in his early work, I get the feeling it’s a synth of some sort. there also seems to be no guitarist credited in those cases. (like, between 2011–2013)