Software to display all of the idv2.x tags in an mp3 file

Does anyone know of software that will display all of the tags in an mp3 file? (not picard)

Mp3tag should have you covered.

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Mp3tag will show most of tags, but not all.
PRIV tag is one of the ID3 tags that can’t be manipulated by Mp3tag.

There is a tool which claims to be able to handle PRIV tags:
(I’m not using it, please be careful.)

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Not bad, would like to see the all the actual TXXX tags, its displaying the names, not TXYZ etc.

I like using on the command line: id3v2 -l to show all tags. I don’t know what OSs it runs on, linux for certain.


try Jaikoz
There is a column named ‘’‘Ueser Defined Text Info’’’ where you can edit (delete) the PRIV tags


Mutagen—the tagging library used by Picard—includes the mid3v2 utility which will give you something close to the unadulterated id3 data, e.g.,

% mid3v2 --list-raw my_file.mp3

This is probably one of the only utilities that understands the nonstandard multi-value ID3v2.4 TXXX tags which Picard (Mutagen) produces, which is handy if you use Picard to tag your files.


I find MP3Diags quite good for looking inside the mp3 files. It is able to list all streams mp3 file consists of, including audio streams and various kinds of tags. It will show all of the TXXX fields in ID3v2 tag.