So what do the icons mean?

In 2011, somebody dared to asked the same question:

And was told to RTFM with a general link to the startpage of the documentation (…).

It’s not just about colors, they’re diferently shaped icons too. What do they mean, so I can try to understand what the program thinks the problem is after a lookup without having to post question after question on this forum.

Even a search in our WWW-search engine gets no hits in page1.

Thank you.

In 2011, the link I posted on the ticket was more useful:

It said:

The tracks in the right-hand pane will start out with a musical note icon, and as the tracks become associated with your files the icons will change to one of the following:

  • a small rectangle ranging from red to green indicates the quality of the match, where red is a bad match and green is a good match
  • a red error triangle means Picard encountered an error (e.g. permission error), click the file and read the status bar in the bottom of the Picard window to see the error
  • a green check mark indicates the track is up to date and saved

Some are explained at

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