So another obscure type of album from K-pop have been released recently, Tag Albums

According to this, they’re cards containing a code that can be scanned by an app that you install on your smartphone and allows to listen to the album and see some other extra material, like photos and videos. See the instructions below:

YG TAG ALBUM is an eco-friendly paper album that features Square Code developed NEMOZ. Tap the square code at the back of TAG CARD to listen to the music.

  1. Download the YG X NEMOZ app on your smartphone > Sign out
  2. Scan Square Code at the back of TAG CARD on the YG x NEMOZ app
  3. Register your YG TAG ALBUM on your account > Listen to the music
  4. Scan and verify your TAG CARD to enjoy music, videos, pictures, and various contents on the YG X NEMOZ app.
  5. The YG X NEMOZ app is available in 12 languages in order to allow international fans to enjoy the contents of YG artists more easily.
  6. The number of YG TAG ALBUM sold is counted on Circle Chart and Hanteo Chart.

Should I consider this as “Download Card” even though you’re not really downloading the album and instead streaming it? Or just use “Other” until a more appropriate medium type is added?

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Since you need the “card” to listen to the music, I think I would consider it a “Download Card” even though it’s for streaming.

Kind of like how “Digital Media” encompasses both downloaded and streamed music sources (a distinction I’ve argued for before without success).

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