Smaller images/screenshots get enlarged and blurry on the forum

Images that are added to forum posts will be reduced in size if they are large so they fit the forum board.
That’s fine.

But images that are smaller get blown-up.
The result is that some perfectly sharp screenshots of e.g. Picard end up blurry on the forum.

Wouldn’t it be better to only reduce image sizes but never increase them?

Please ignore, incorrect assumption.
Small images are not increased in size.

Can you link examples?

Here’s a recent one, but I’ve observed it before:


Hmm, that one stays as-is.

I now see that I was wrong.
Those blurred images were decreased in size, not increased.
Sorry, my mistake.

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No problem, good too check. :slight_smile:

Yeah, and thanks for replying/challenging me.
I now learned that if you appreciate pixel-perfect, it’s best to keep images under 690 px wide.
(see the difference in the previous link where I have now edited screenshot #2)

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