Small editing bug

When editing the title of an existing work (eg. correcting a typo) the message: “We found the following Work with exactly the same name or alias” appears, which refers exactly to the work you’re about to correct.

It’s not a big thing, but quite confusing (Did I do something wrong? Am I producing a dupe?)

So maybe this can be put on the “should be done, but not immediately”-list :wink:

Thanks, that one is on the list already:

OK, I wish I could find these things already in the list but I would never had searched for something like “Name deduplication triggers for the entity being edited”. That is definitely beyond my means as a bug descriptor :wink:

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Yes, that one is quite esoteric, admittedly, but even ones that aren’t still often use specific lingo or nomenclature we’re used to, which makes them less aproachable/searchable.

Honestly, I don’t mind searching for and/or creating issues/tickets accordingly, since I’m keeping track of most of them.

I do appreciate all the feedback! Fresh eyes and new users are the best way to shine a light on bugs in areas we’re too used to seeing.
Searching through a pile of esoteric tickets needn’t be part of that.