Single released across multiple platforms on different dates

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While researching the single ‘Space Invader - S3RL feat Sara’, I found that across the different sites that it’s available from, different upload dates are shown.

  • Soundcloud - May 28, 2012 or May 1
    Also, when I hover over ‘5 years ago’ on Soundcloud, it says May 28, yet at the bottom of the description, it says May 1.
  • Amazon & iTunes - May 31, 2012
  • Youtube - Jun 1, 2012

Should I add these as seperate releases, or should I use the earliest date?


Probably because the artist added it to SC on May 1st, but made it public (ie., released it) on May 28th.

Is this an actual video? If so, it should be added as its own standalone recording.

Ideally I guess we should have both May 28th and 31st as release dates, but we can only have one date per country/region, so I’d just go with earliest. If you care enough, you can jump through some hoops and set dates on the URL relationships (and/or just note this in the annotation).