Since updating MBP no longer recognizes my external hard drive

Since updating I can not get MBP to see my external hard drive. I was using the external hard drive to hold my music backup due to mac not having memory needed. I have tried updating external hard drive (my passport) software, checked permissions, etc. Any ideas?

They are just files on the disk. Can you see the files in e.g. Windows File Explorer (or Mac/Linux equivalent)?

If not, then you have a hard disk corruption issue and its highly unlikely to be anything related to MBP update.

If you can see the files in an explorer window, then it may indeed be an issue with Picard and we will need a lot more info to be able to diagnose it.

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I can still see the files. I can get itunes on mac to play them. MBP just no longer sees any external hard drives. I had another external hard drive (WD My Book) and it won’t register that one either,

Can you please report a bug following guidelines at General Troubleshooting — MusicBrainz Picard v2.11.0rc1 documentation ?

We need details about your environment, and debug log output might reveal something interesting.