Simple things made Harder than they need to be


Given that I have an Artist Name and an Album Name, all I want to do is validate (in the following order):

  1. The Artist Name exists.
  2. The Artist has released an album called AlbumName.
  3. I then want to get the track list of the release.

I want to do this programatically using Python.

It seems that there is not a straight forward way of doing this using MusicBrainz. By straight forward I mean simple API calls that are abstracted from the underlying database. I realise that by doing this it would be hiding a LOT of using features of the database, but if there isn’t a simple of doing this then it really doesn’t matter how good the MB project is, most people will look at it and say - way too complex and move on. It seems silly to provide all this information and documentation (albeit sometimes disjointed) on the database, all the API and libraries yet not have a way to just get going! I’m sure that doing the above Artist/Album/TrackList look up is straight forward if you have experience using the database, but if you don’t it is much harder than it need be.

For instance, I’m guessing (hoping!?) the Python MusicBrainz library was tested, in which case some type of test programs must have been developed, why not share them if?

I’m giving up for the day!

All the Best

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