Simple script to sort by First name? Plugin?

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I’ve looked thru the forum a bit and most of what I’m seeing seems more detailed than what I’m looking for.

All I want is Artist sorted by first name, and title. That’s it.
I’d like Bruce Springsteen in the B’s, not the S’s, with all his songs listed together in the Bruce folder

album info
Track #
Feat artist

Currently, Bruce in in the S’s (last name), but listed by his full name. So I have to stop and read a few lines to determine if I’m in the S’s yet, then find Bruce.

Sorry if this should be in another heading. Feel free to move it, or suggest a better place for me to post it.
I’m not a power user by any means. If I could just get this organized the way I used to have it, I’ll be thrilled.


You have to set the sort name tags (artistsort, albumartistsort) to the normal artist name or remove them completely.

In Options > Scripting add a script with: