Similarity.acousticbrainz is offline is Unavailable since a least yesterday. Is this normal ?


Thanks for reporting! was always an unsupported test infrastructure for our development of the similarity project, and wasn’t intended to be widely used.
The reason that it’s down is because we’re in the process of migrating the functionality to the main acousticbrainz server. I hope that we’ll be able to get it working within the next week or so. However, there’s no reason for us to keep the other service down so I’ll try and start it up again.

Out of interest, where did you get information about this endpoint? I’m not sure we widely announced it, so I’m interested in where you got the information. Is it useful? Does it do what you expect?


I 'm investigating how your CLI tools work to implement your suggestions system into funkwhale o/ I found the URL in the code of the similarity patch

Thx a lot, impatient to see how this work o/

Hi @yuioen!
The similarity endpoints are now available on The specifications of the endpoints have now changed a bit so make sure to update TROI to the latest commit if you are using it.