Silent heading and trailing tracks

We don’t include silent trailing tracks like music‐less data sessions.
Is it really useful to include things like 1 second silent pregap (which is even difficult to witness with the CD itself in drive).

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The issue is that the disc ID contains this track, so it must be listed.

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Well not really as it’s a pregap, as all pregaps, it’s manually added by @ooioo.
I did the Disc ID cleanup first with CD in hands, no need for pregap.
I didn’t even notice a pregap (1 second of silence).
I wonder if it’s noticeable if I try to press rewind very quickly?

Ah, sorry. Missed that it was a pregap track. In that case I also don’t see value in it, as it is not even visible to listeners unless they explicitly check the disc for pregap tracks. IMHO it would be sufficient to have this added to the annotation.


I agree that an (audibly) silent pregap track of such a short duration is insignificant for the subjective listening experience. The pregap track in question is not digital silence, but it has a peak level so low that it is audibly neglectable.

Personally, I prefer exactness down to the digital level. But if just mentioning such a track in the annotation fits better with the regular way to handle such cases in MusicBrainz, I can live with that and work around it.


Such very short pregaps are not uncommon:
Why do ~70 of 220 CDs contain HTOA of around 32 frames?

I’ve noticed these short pregaps in some of my CD rips, too. Most of them are silent though.

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