Side projects... should they be subgroups, or new relationship?

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so, a couple of the bands I’ve been editing recently have had some side projects, and I wanted some input on the relationships between the groups…

in both cases, the side project has all the original band’s members, (Arthur actually has one additional member), and they’re called a side project of the band by the band members.

a while back, I added an ended “Subgroup” relationship between Five Iron Frenzy (the side project) and Exhumator, but I’m not sure if this is correct. I do believe for cases such as these, a relationship should probably exist between the two groups — more than simply the members in common, that is…

I’d be on the side of ‘subgroup’ relationship, I think. For example:

is a sub-group of

with the addition of two people who are not part of the ‘original/main’ group. So for me, I’d say subgroup relationship since it’s not unheard of to add people in, and a lot of subgroups (in K-pop at least) is the place where groups can experiment with different sounds/genres/artists without it affecting the ‘main’ group, so side-projects kind of sound like the same thing to me - an experimentation of different sounds/genres that the core fans might/might not like - where the artists can really let loose and do something outside their ‘norm.’


Normally, our answer has been “just indicate they share the members”. I understand that’s not a very popular answer though :slight_smile:

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