Showing the target/save path

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It seems like Picard only shows the source path in the bottom bar.

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 21.47.45

It would be so super useful if it could show the target path instead.
Or at least have a configuration option to change it that way.

That would make testing rename scripts so much better.
And I am always concerned when saving - because I never know where it will save it to for sure.

Any chance for adding that?


Is there a better place for asking for such a feature?

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Starting a discussion here is always fine. But in the end actual feature requests should be added to

And actually there is an open ticket for showing source and target path as a separate row:

There is also a related ticket at:


Thanks! I’ve created a jira account, voted and and linked here.

On a related note, I would love to be able to see everything that is changing (path/filename being one of them) when a track is marked to be saved. Does it make sense to add additional rows for embedded cover art changes as well? They wouldn’t have to be editable, but at least an indication of the number of bytes, add, delete, or change would be a huge help for me! Are there any other “invisible” changes that require a save?

I for one think that would be awesome.

Changed cover art is indicated on the right side, this change is usually the easiest to see already.


Very true. Sometimes it indicates a change is pending, but I can’t see what it is - I am probably assuming it is a cover art change that I don’t understand.