Showing the most recent posts on the top of a thread?

Is it possible to reverse the sorting of the posts from a thread, so the most recent is on top?
I really don’t like scrolling to the bottom every time.
I searched for that option but cannot find it?

No. Why do you need to scroll? I always just start at the first new post.

If you’re logged in, then you’ll be taken automatically to the first unread message in the topic (as far as I know). Is that not happening?

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Ah, yes, that’s it.
But I’m not always logged in, and then that’s not the case.
So that’s not doable for when not logged-in?
(by means of browser cookie)

I don’t understand you. Why would you not be logged in, but have a cookie? Just be logged in (which also means having a cookie).

[quote=“hiccup, post:4, topic:196118”]
So that’s not doable for when not logged-in?[/quote]

Have you seen the ‘date’ bar on the right hand side?
You can drag that around, or click on the start/end dates to go straight to first or last post :slight_smile:


Yes I saw it.
But I did not grab it.
Great, that solves it for me, thanks aerozol.

Even though I usually prefer ‘Spartan’ in a lot of things, I must admit I could get used to a lot of new features and eye-candy I am experiencing on this forum.
It’s really slick compared to most other forums I usually frequent.