Show which results have cover art

When I do a Scan or Lookup search, I can’t find a way to tell if the result includes a cover art image.

If I use the Search bar on the top right, it will include the cover art images with the results.

Is there a way to configure the Scan or Lookup searches to either include the images like the other search, or even just indicate if there is any cover art at all?

Hate to bump, but if I’ve overlooked something obvious I hope someone would point it out.


I’m an art addict. So I have also gone into Options and hit this:
Cover Art \ Cover Art Archive \ Select Types… button and selected ALL of the possible options.


Now it means all the artwork is downloaded, and I see a count of “13 images”.

It is not possible to check first… you just have to wait for it all to appear and only once downloaded do you see the count. And if the art is high res it can take a long time. But if it is taking time, then it is worth the wait :wink:

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Hi @IvanDobsky, appreciate the reply but not sure you got what I was asking.

When doing a Scan or Lookup you get this search results window.

From that window there is no way to tell if an entry has artwork associated.

If you use the Search bar in the top right of the window you can see the actual covers if any.

My question was if it is possible to configure the Scan/Lookup window to include at a minimum that the entry has a cover, or any artwork at all. Would really love it if it would show the covers like the other search window but understand it’s most likely a bandwidth and speed thing. Adding a column that just indicates if there is a cover and the amount of total images would be incredibly useful.



I got the question, but it is likely why no one answered before. No, there is no simple way to find which release has how much art attached. You have to go look at each one in turn on the website, and even then you’ll need to click each release and have a userscript to show you a count of artwork.

The issue is that Picard is about making an exact release match, not about finding best artwork. Artwork is more a bonus available once you have matched your Release.

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Ok, thanks.

It really is nice when tracks and albums line up perfectly, but it doesn’t always seem to be the case for me. When I have a couple of results that seem really close though, I tend to select the one that has cover-art so I don’t have to go hunt it down myself and can save some time.

It seems to me it would be as simple as adding another column in the results window that queries the db for the existence of a cover image, and/or total images. This usually ends up being the most likely result anyway, which makes it useful information.

At least I didn’t look over some setting that was hampering me. Really appreciate you verifying that.



Not sure how simple it is :stuck_out_tongue:

But maybe it is! If you are interested in this possibly (no guarantee unfortunately) being added some day your first step is to add a ticket to the ticket tracker.

Yeah, I knew better when I wrote that, but my fingers went there on the keyboard anyway. :sweat_smile:
Let me rephrase that.

Simple for the initiated.

I may be wrong, but I still believe this would be trivial for someone familiar with the code. I am a mediocre bash scripter at best, but I do administer a site and am familiar with databases and tables. The framework seems to be in place, which is why I put my foot in it when I said simple.

Anyway, it appears I may be the only one that would find this valuable, so it may not be worth anyone’s time. Simple or not. My question had sat unanswered for so long that I thought I overlooked something, but @IvanDobsky cleared that up.

I apologize if I came off wrong.

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No apology needed, I myself have literally have no idea how easy it is to do!

Regardless, if you really want it, do make a ticket. It’s a pain, but making the ticket is definitely simple, compared to actually coding this :stuck_out_tongue: