Show more categories in popup menu

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When I open the “hamburger” popup menu, I see only eight categories in for rows, leaving much available empty space.

Here are screen shots on Mobile (above) but it is the same on even bigger screens.

For comparison, it seems that on Discourse own meta site (above), they managed to use do vertical space and show me six rows of categories although they have more bonus links below them than us.

Maybe there is some sort of possible tweaking?


Max display of categories seems to be a fixes value called header_dropdown_category_count.
Maybe it’s 8 now and should be a little bit more?


Thanks for the pointer! I’ve increased the number now (to 20!—we have 16 public and 2 non-public categories, so this should give some room to “breathe”). Let me know if it now feels like too much. :slight_smile:


Thanks Freso, it’s great!