Show categories (or other ordered view) on front page rather than all new posts

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The front page is kind of messy, given how latest posts for every category get displayed there. I’d like it more if it was a bit more like a typical forum, where you get to see and pick categories instead (and then there you see all relevant posts). It’s likely that an AB post will be irrelevant to someone who comes in to look at MB things, etc.


Bookmark, then.

I believe having that as default would be counter to Discourse philosophy, so I doubt they allow customizing it.


Actually, I’ve sort of changed my mind on this, since having latest posts on the front page encourages people to comment on things in forums they might not otherwise look in. It helps avoid isolation of categories.


In the former forum I was doing so with a user script but maybe here there is a way to obliterate a set of categories.
This way, the front page would be more useful.
I go look at the settings…

EDIT: Excellent ! I found it : go to any category and then MUTE it with its top-right circle looking option menu


Discourse is open source – “allow” doesn’t entirely apply.

Whatever you want it to do, there’s probably already a third-party plugin to do it (badly/buggily, perhaps).


on the flip side, it encourages active categories more and might make categories with less traffic nearly invisible (seldom new topics in them etc)