Should the same band with multiple names be merged into one artist? Ship of Theseus - Band Edition

Working on importing some of my cds and ran across this record Greater Glasgow Police Scotland Pipe Band - MusicBrainz and this record Glasgow Police Pipe Band - MusicBrainz. I was curious if they were the same thing, so I searched and found Wikipedia said they were both the same band Glasgow Police Pipe Band - Wikipedia. Wikipedia also said that in between those two band names, they were this band Strathclyde Police Pipe Band - MusicBrainz. To make it more fun, the band name seems to have changed again to Police Scotland & Federation Pipe Band as noted here HISTORY | Police Scot & Fed PB (

Should the artists all be kept separate or merged? I couldn’t find anything in documentation about artists that change their names over the years.

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Merged. Keep the current name as the artist name. You can use aliases for former name and put begin/end dates for when they used that name.