Should SXSW 2017 already be added?

Three new users have added performances for SXSW 2017, a festival that won’t take place in Austin for another four weeks:

Is the addition of new festivals in the future desired? What if the schedule changes and some of those artists don’t perform there or they perform on a different date? SXSW is a massive festival with literally hundreds of performers and keeping track of it all is very difficult. I would rather we do not add future performance dates because they are subject to change and I’d rather have data based on fact rather than on what might or might not happen. Also a well-sourced performance in the past only needs to be added once and should not required further edits.

Also why it is that all of the sudden there are all these new users adding performances to this festival that has not yet happened? This bugs me somewhat.

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Sure! If not, it’s kinda hard to use MB as an event calendar, which is part of the idea. In fact, we’d love to have all the data in advance!

We can change them.

That’s why we have things like “Cancelled” checkboxes for events. Even if they do not happen, we’d like to know it was supposed to happen but didn’t - that’s also interesting data.

Maybe they work for the festival. Maybe they just feel like it. Maybe they run some sort of event site using MusicBrainz data, which is perfectly legitimate (as long as we know about it, anyway).