Should part titles of a multipart track be considered as a subtitle?

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As an example: Tarkus by Emerson, Lake and Palmer
The release has Tarkus as one track, but the tracklist has part names for all six parts of it.

As MusicBrainz now supports adding parts to a work, I think these part titles should no longer be added to the track title. The more appropriate place would be the work. The tracklisting on MusicBrainz lists the part names under the track if they are linked to the work.

So… I made an edit to remove the redundant info. And I get a no vote. I think the guidelines are not clear enough on this. What do you think?

I think part titles are not the same thing as subtitles.

So for cases where the track has all the parts of the “suite”, why list the parts in the track title when there is a more appropriate way to link parts’ titles?

Imagine if a book title had all of it’s chapter titles in it.


I agree that the parts should be included. They are printed on the release and the only field they would belong in is Title.

However, they should be written as on the release: a) … rather than i. …

On the other hand, the work should not have all the parts listed in the name.


May I ask you why would you include the parts when the same information is clearly already added to the database? I think including the part names to the track title adds no information and just makes it look a mess.

In my opinion having something printed on the release is not good enough reason. They still are just parts of the song called Tarkus. Nothing more. They are listed on the cover for information. That information is on the database.

While there seems to be no guidelines about this (there should be), it is up to a vote whether we should keep this in the track titles or not.


I don’t think there should be - this seems like the kind of edge case that should be decided by a case-per-case vote. I’ve removed stuff like this on classical releases before (if the cover mentions the work name and every part, but it’s just one track, I’ll usually keep just the main work name). But it doesn’t necessarily follow that it should always be removed (or always be kept) IMO.