Should medium titles contain redundant medium sequencing?

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Looking at this release, you can see the editor has named the media using the idea of “disc”


I can’t find anything in style guidelines about it, but it seems wrong/redundant to me; the medium type and sequence already do this.It is true that the disc actually says “Disc 1: Studio”, but isn’t this similar to parenthetical annotations of tracks and the like, that mb follows its style, not a direct copy/paste? Can I get a Definitive Judgment?

Funnily enough, this is a guideline since a couple weeks ago :slight_smile:

That said, “Studio” and “Live” would be reasonably interpretable as disc titles, and I’d leave them there if printed on the discs. Just not with “disc x”

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What timing! :slight_smile:

For the record, I looked at this and this from “medium title” search, and did not get to that page… so thank you for the Definitive Judgment (DJ).

(And yes, I was going to fix “(studio)”, not remove, so seemed like a good time to ask the question.)

For completeness: