Should "(Deluxe edition)" be removed from this release title?

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this release release has “(Deluxe edition)” in its title.

The style guide for titles (redirected from release titles) says “In case the ETI is a combination of title and descriptive parts, use lower case for the descriptive part only. The latter often contains words like mix, remix, live, remaster, edit, etc.”

This implies that release titles allow for such disambiguation, although it’s rare in MB (from my experience).

For the first seven years of this release’s life it did not have the additional phrase, and then in 2018 it was added edit.

Should that change be reverted?


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I believe so. “Deluxe Edition” appears to be on a slip cover and not part of the actual album artwork. It is good as disambiguation, but does not belong in the release Title.

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But it is part of the official packaging. So, I can see an argument being made to keep it as ETI. But I can see your point as well.

Personally I don’t like it:

Points against:

  • It’s rare to see disambiguation in release titles in MB
  • The release also has ‘Deluxe Edition’ in its disambiguation (although easy to remove)
  • Though it’s on the cover it’s disconnected from the title
  • Having it in the tags may confuse scrapers


  • The rules allow for it (although like all rules I wish they were absolutely clear)
  • It’s already been voted on, and I guess you can’t keep voting until you get the result you want

Is re-voting frowned upon in MB?

Reading the Style / Titles guideline, it seems to me that this edit is correct.

Additional information on a release or track name that is not part of its main title, but intended to distinguish it from different releases or tracks with the same main title (such as version/remix names or live recording info), should be entered in parentheses after the main title.

In this case, looking at the cover art images, it doesn’t look like there’s a slipcover (image #6). It is a Digipak, and the “Deluxe Edition” text is printed on the front and spine.

It may be that the documentation needs to be clarified. I searched for other “deluxe edition” albums and found examples going both ways, sometimes for the same release group, like Nirvana’s Nevermind album.

It’s quite common in release groups with many releases, in my experience.
It’s also quite systematic for simultaneous regular/limited/deluxe edtiions (though in this example it’s only my edits).

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:slight_smile: that was my meaning

We’re in agreeance: putting disambiguation in release titles is rare.

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No, I say it’s common in my experience and it’s rare in yours.

So go ahead, use the disambiguation comment when the information only appears on some removable sticker or less.

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Oh - in the link you sent of Ziggy Stardust ALL of the releases had the same name. None that I could see had further detail in the title. Many used the disambiguation field. The same goes for the Crashed Sedan link.

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Oh I understood the opposite, sorry! :bowing_man:

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