Should artists that are featured on a single track be credited on the release too?

This user keeps voting down my edits by saying if the featured artist is not on the cover, it shouldn’t be credited on the release as well. That doesn’t make any sense to me because the whole release is a single, has only one track on it and the artist is officially credited everywhere as you can see on the links I provided as notes. So which is it?

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The links you pointed at credit Taeyong at track-level only, not for the release itself.

On the other hand, the release Give Me All Your Luvin’ given as example for Featured artists guideline seems to be in your way, although the guideline does not discuss this release/track level issue. @reosarevok: Isn’t this example erroneous? Featured artists actually are mentioned on the first track only, neither on the release front cover nor on the linked Amazon page.


Looking at the spine on (Madonna only), yes, it is. I’ve changed it, and switched the examples (Madonna points to the recording, Rihanna to the release, since that single is credited with a feat.)


Where there are credits at the release level (front cover, back cover, spine, medium as major sources, obi and booklet as slightly more secondary), those apply at the release level in MB too. Even for releases with just one track.

If there are no credits for the release separately, you could use the track credits.

If credits are inconsistent (front says X, spine says Y, obi says Z), it can become more of a judgment call.

In this case, it seems fairly straightforward.


I just want to remind everyone that literal interpretation of graphic design is not necessarily the end-all, be-all.

(And it’s almost always ignored in some regions.)