Should "Album Artist Website" plugin be "Artist Website" plugin?

The Album Artist Website plugin adds an Artist Website tag for the Album Artist.

Where an album contains tracks by multiple artists, this results in the same tag for all tracks.

My question is:

  1. Should I create a matching “Track Artist Website” plugin?
  2. Should I rename Album Artist Website to Artist Website and switch to using track artists?
  3. Should I do 2. and add a fallback to add the Album Artist website if there is no Artist website.
  4. Should I enhance it to look up both album and track artist websites?

Please let me know what you think in the comments.

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3/4 - Artist website with a fallback (and maybe also an option to switch to album website, and turn the fallback off) sounds logical to me (note: I don’t use the plugin)

@aerozol As a general rule I try NOT to complicate both the plugin and the UI with options pages unless it is absolutely necessary. Exponential growth of options in order to give users every possible choice is not a good long-term strategy IMO. Which is why the choices I put up didn’t include any with options.

I’d prefer option 4, enhance the current plugin to look up both album artist - track artist. Thanks for all your efforts in this.

Kind regards

Option 4 please… and yes i use the current plugin