Should a song be credited to the real artist or a fictitious character?

The reason for this question became apparent when I wanted to contribute the song “Powerline - I2I (nanobii’s Live Edit)”, a live bootleg on SoundCloud (link). I considered the song to be a remix, considering it’s called an edit and it’s in my opinion “A substantially altered version of [the] song” (From: Terminology).

I have been told that remixes, when officially released, should credit the original artist. This might be a bootleg but still, I think the song should therefore be credited to Powerline, the fictitious artist from the 1994 movie “A goofy movie”.

And if that is correct, should the original recordings (for example, “Stand Out”, link) also be credited to Powerline (and then also to the other fictitious character, Treeny)? If so I feel like this would be a snowball of changes. But if it’s necessary then it is what it is. I wonder what the community thinks of this problem.

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there is precedent for this, see these other “fake” and fictitious groups, some also spawned from film and television:

that said, if the artist isn’t actually credited on any releases (as it seems with the soundtrack release), it’s a bit less clear if the artist should be credited anywhere…

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Thank you for the reply, I’ll bookmark this for future reference. For now I’ll keep it the way it is then, unless more debate is sparked in the future.