Should a prerelease (w/ an identical tracklist) be entered as a separate release?

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This has been discussed here.
Also, it just came to me, maybe it should just be entered as a release event under the same release?


In my opinion, we shouldn’t be merging these two because one is official and one is promotional. I think that’s a significant enough difference between the two.


I wouldn’t think pre-release in this case means that the release type should be set to ‘promotion’ instead of ‘official’, but the guidelines suggest that. Perhaps we can get more clarification on this? Pinging @reosarevok

Moreover, the release is a digital format, so there are no physical differences (afaik not even different cover art, not sure about catno and barcode), so I am inclined to believe it’s the same release.

Edit: Additionally, I found out that very likely it’s not a pre-release being released on 06-06-2017, but instead it was Tokyo Machine’s single “Rock It” released on this day alongside a pre-order for this release according to


These are just digital tracklists.
If everything is the same including cover art, I would merge them, knowing that both release events (dates) will be kept in target release.


The one thing that might be an argument against merging them is if either version came/comes with some sort of extras the other doesn’t, and from @culinko’s edit, that might have been the case. Digital releases are definitely harder to draw lines between, but I’d pnrsonally consider extra files to be more than different enough “packaging”.

Either way, and digital or physical I wouldn’t count a prerelease on its own as being sufficient reason to add a separate release. If, however, there is something else that warrents doing so, then it definitely seems like it would be a Promotion to me.


if either version came/comes with some sort of extras the other doesn’t, and from @culinko’s edit, that might have been the case.

@WovenTales Can I ask how did you conclude from my edit that there is an extra content on the pre-order for the release? I only pointed out that Tokyo Machine’s single “Rock It” was released on 06-06-2017 and the pre-purchase was available starting from the same date (06-06-2017), which was the date chosen as the release date for the pre-release added to MB. To me it seems that there is only one release and it was able to be purchased before its original date, so there is no need for an extra release in MB.

The only thing I am not sure is if the pre-purchase release date should remain alongside the regular release date as well, but I don’t mind either way.


Sorry, I read your comment as “you could preorder the album starting on this date, and if you did so before the official release date, you got the single as a bonus alongside it”, and was thinking of that along the lines of an extra disc slipped into a physical release. Since that’s not actually the case, I definitely agree that there’s only a single release. I would also say that the pre-purchase date doesn’t matter – just because you sent the store money ahead of time, you didn’t get your downloads until later, and we only really care about that second date. Might be something to put into the annotation in case we get some better field for it, but I don’t personally see too much purpose in having it in the sidebar.


Actually, I searched some more and found slightly conflicting info. Some of the sites such as Monstercat’s twitter would word the announcement as following (

And Here We Go! @tokyomachine “ROCK IT” launches the preorder for @RocketLeague X Monstercat Vol 1. today!

The link points to streaming services for the Tokyo Machine’s single “Rock It” and to stores for the “Rocket League x Monstercat, Vol. 1” album.

But some sites would word it as following (

The album is available for pre-order now and comes with an exclusive download of “ROCK IT” by Tokyo Machine (the song from Rocket League’s 2nd anniversary update trailer)

However, the song is already present on the album, so why would they add it as an exclusive download as well? I think they just worded it poorly, because according to google search, only 4 unique sites display it this way (literally the same copy-pasted wording template). I might be wrong, though.


A pre-order usually means you pay now, but can’t download 'til release day. The bonus single could have been an immediate download as more encouragement to pre-order.