Share Your Links to (Legal) Free Music Downloads

Occasionally I’ll find free music online, which being a data hoarder in addition to a MusicBrainz addict, I’ll often download and add to my library. So I figured why not create a thread for people to share various free downloads you find online through artist websites or even their Bandcamp profile. Bonus points if you also add them to MusicBrainz before sharing them :wink:


Here’s a few I discovered recently:


ooh, I love this idea~ I’m constantly surprised just how much great music you can get for free (and legally) these days~ Bandcamp is probably my favorite thing that’s happened to music ever~

labels and large collaborations

  • Paper Crane Collective (MB) — Future Bass and adjacent
  • Ponies at Dawn (MB) — A lot of EDM (drum n bass, house, dubstep), but many other genres mixed in, like metal, pop punk, indie, and classical. new release drops in just over a week from now
  • A State of Sugar (MB) — Similar to Ponies at Dawn above, though seemingly more trance. still a good variety tho~
  • business casual (MB) — primarily Vaporwave and Future Disco, but there’s a good bit of variety. new release every Friday


  • Snail’s House (MB), Future Bass, Downtempo — one of my all-time faves, many of their older releases are free
  • Pretty Lights (MB), Trip Hop — all releases are free or purchaseable
  • Devi McCallion (MB, but they have many aliases), Electronic Indie Rock? — I’ve been meaning to check more of their work, but if it’s half as good as Fun Fun Fun, it’s gonna be great~
  • Neil Ciciereca, mashups — his “Mouth” series of albums are excellent, there’s 4 of them so far
  • Triple-Q (MB), mashups — a lot of meme and Japanese mashups


  • OTOTOY — if you’re in Japan (or have a VPN), there’s quite a lot of free Japanese music here, much of it available in lossless (16bit/44.1kHz FLAC/ALAC/WAV, CD quality) and Hi-res (24bit/48kHz FLAC/ALAC/WAV)

I might try and update this post as I find more, we’ll see if I remember, lol


FWIW, I just tried it, it works from France, without VPN.


I think Business Casual is a bit of a cheat, but I do like this album :smiley:

A big one is the Netlabels : Free Music : Free Audio : Free Download, Borrow and Streaming : Internet Archive

I briefly ran a blog on the subject,


Bandcamp has some artists who will put their stuff at name-your-price.

Sabrepulse: chiptune/EDM artist from the UK mostly known for “Close to Me”, being featured in the video game Just Shapes & Beats. His Bandcamp has most of his library at name-your-price.

4lienetic - downtempo/ambient artist from India, personal favourite from this guy is Phoenix. Most of his older stuff is NYP.

SSKWAN is part of WAKAAN and seems to specialise in electronic cinematic pieces. Au5 released his Alchemy LP there. From what I’ve seen, everything here is NYP.

You may want to also keep an eye on Andrew Huang’s 4 Producers 1 Sample series. Some artists there will publish their productions for that series for free, just check the description.

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Tom Lehrer released all his music into the public domain, you can download them from his website

Almost everything on my label (band allowing) is free!
New Zealand hardcore punk/metal/grindcore/noise :skull:

Limbless Music Bandcamp

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I just found that much of Vylet Pony’s music is free on her Bandcamp~ none of their albums, but about 70 or so singles and EPs

making a new post instead of updating my previous post because I wanted to let y’all know I’ve started a collection for free music releases~ I’ve already added all of Vylet’s free music, and I’ll try and add more this coming week~

(edit, turns out @RandomMushroom128 and @lazybookwyrm are already doing all the work for me, lol)

if any of y’all would like to contribute, lemme know and I can add you~

(I feel like deciding on a folksonomy tag to use for this might be a good idea too…)


Could I please be added to that collection? I know quite a few Bandcamp releases that are available for free.


Today I released a compilation very close to my heart :heart:

Free download:


For those on Lemmy or the general fediverse, I’ve created a community on there for sharing free/NYP downloads inspired by this thread. I’m mainly focusing on posting Bandcamp releases I’ve seen around and even posted here, but anything goes really as long as it fits the bill here.

In the meantime, did you know EDM producer Zedd used to be part of a metal band? He left before the linked album was done but his brother is still part of it from what I’ve gathered on RYM. For whatever reason, the label’s set it to NYP so, here ya go.

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