Settings location for macOS?

I just migrated to a new computer and would like to transfer my settings from Picard over. Where is the location of the saved settings file? Thanks!

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Have a look in the FAQ section of the Picard User Guide and see if that’s the information you’re seeking.


Yeah I checked there before posting. Unless I looked over it, I couldn’t find anything. Thanks though.

~/.config/MusicBrainz I think.

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That’s odd because the first question there is:

Where is the Picard configuration saved?

Picard saves the configuration in the file Picard.ini. Its location depends on the operating system:



This usually will be C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\MusicBrainz, where YourUserName should be replaced with your actual Windows user name.

macOS, Linux and other Unix like systems:


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