Set separator in Picard?

I’ve been updating my music library for Plex, and noticed that after using Picard, my albums were losing their “type” grouping in Plex. Tracked the problem down to the fact that apparently Plex won’t read the forward-slash in “release type” (e.g., “album/compilation”) but if I replace it with a semicolon (“album;compilation”) it works fine.

Is there a way to force Picard to use semicolon instead of forward-slash globally, or at least in this field? I can see that making it a global thing might cause unforeseen issues, but at the very least being able to do it on the releasetype field would be helpful!

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I assume you have MP3 files and Picard is configured to store the tags as ID3v2.3 (the default). Two possible solutions:

  1. Configure Picard to save the tags as ID3V2.4 in Options > Tags > ID3. Then the tags get stored with multiple values and no separators are involved.

  2. Configure the separator to use for ID3v2.3 in Options > Tags > ID3 > “Join ID3v23 tags with”

See also ID3 Files — MusicBrainz Picard v2.9alpha1 documentation