Set own Genre when saving files

I have now the following settings:

Optionen: Scripting:


Optionen: Dateibenennung


$left($if2(%albumartistsort%, %artistsort%),40)/

$if(%date%,$left(%date%,4)) - $left(%album%,65) /

%tracknumber% $left(%title%,40) - $left($if2(%artistsort%, %artist%),40)


$upper($firstalphachar($if2(%albumartistsort%, %artistsort%),#))

/$left($if2(%albumartistsort%, %artistsort%),65)/

$if(%date%,$left(%date%,4)) - $left(%album%,50) /

%tracknumber% $left(%title%,40) - $left($if2(%artistsort%, %artist%),40)


Plugin: enabled

What I want to do is set own Genre e.g: Loveparade when files are saved.

How is this possible without not too much changing in the code I have.
Maybe I can check / uncheck a script if I need this feature.

What do you think?

regards Witzker

What exactly do you mean with “own genre”? If you want to manually change the genres you can do so before saving by just editing the genre tag for the files you want to save in the metadata view at the bottom.

If you want to assign some specific genres automatically you probably might be able to do so via scripting, but you have to be more specific which rules you want to apply.

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Yes thats exactly what I want to do
But dont Know How.

That really depends on what you want to have, you have to give some details. What genres do you want to set? Do you always want to set the same genre (that would be strange)? If not, under which circumstances do you want to set which genre?

And how do you want the genres from the plugin be used? Should they be kept, or overwritten?

The most simple way is to just set a genre with scripting:


Then all your files will have the genre (and only the genre) “Loveparade”. But that’s probably not what you want :smiley:


THX thats it
I will try
The idea is to activate the skript


Then load the files to be set and save them in special folder

For other files simply uncheck the skript to return to "normal" Mode

What do you Think?


does not work
I Added the sript ```


no Genre Loveparade?

What is wrong?

must be in first row!

But at the other hand its a pitty to loose the geneated Genres.

Can you Pls. help to find a script where Loveparade is the first Genre then Genres from

Try the following:

$setmulti(genre,Loveparade; %genre%)

Note the semicolon followed by a space!

Also one idea to improve the handling: In Options > Scripting add this script as a separate script, give it some descriptive name, e.g. “Set Loveparade genre”. Now make sure this script is inactive (the checkbox is not active).

Now you can apply this script manually to any selected files or albums by right clicking and selecting Run script… > Set Loveparade genre in the context menu. This makes it easier to apply this to any files you want without changing anything in options.


Thats it!
Many THX