Set album artist based on majority of tracks?

I have a library of film soundtracks. They are organized simply with folders titled with (Film Name) - (Composer), so “Star Wars - John Williams”. As long as the album features one composer, this structure is easy to have Picard create.

But, often a film soundtrack will have a bunch of scored tracks and then some pop songs. So, for example, The Mexican score was composed by Alan Silvestri – there are 19 tracks listed as by Silvestri, and 4 tracks by other artists (Dean Martin, Nancy Sinatra, etc).

So what I would like, is for the parent folder to say something like “The Mexican - Alan Silvestri”, even though the album is listed as having “various artists”.

Is there some way to either find the film composer instead of album artist? OR, is there a way I could calculate the ratio of one artist vs tracks and if it were, let’s say, 70%+, just use that name?