September 30th

Hi! Whatever I do, and however many times I import my data, it NEVER goes past September 30th… there are lots of other broken things on my account, but this seems like a significant one… can anyone help? Cheers in advance if you can :grinning:

Hi! I am of the devs working on ListenBrainz. Can you share your ListenBrainz and Last.FM user name? Also, do you face any errors during import or does it complete succesfully without the listens appearing in your history? Lastly, please also share what other things are broken for you. I’ll try to take a look and fix those as well.


Thanks! My listenbrainz user name is maderose.

My user name is WhiteSurfstyle5.

Import seems successful, but then nothing changes on the history sheet.

Almost all listen charts etc don’t seem to be functioning, but I could be wrong?

Really appreciate if you could take a look :grinning:

Just to let you know, can now get data from, but most reports etc. are:

‘Statistics for the user have not been calculated.’

Cheers in advance if you can look at it?

Sorry, I had missed your earlier reply. Nice that the import works now. Regarding the stats, it is known that Last.FM imported listens do not show up in stats for some days. Its the way the stats were written to work. The next full listens update will happen on Nov 1, so you can expect stats to include the import listens from Nov 2.

Also, We have very recently improved on the import front and deployed it yesterday night. From next month, listens imported from will start to appear in stats the next day.

Let me know if you have any other queries or issues. Thanks!


Thanks for the reply! Let’s see how it goes… :grinning:

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