Self-promotion on metabrainz discourse for future events

Wasn’t there a thread somewhere on the forum where forum members could let others know of their own creations/music/sounds?(where they could “self-promote” or talk to other MB forum members about their own releases)

I’ve been searching the last tens of minutes for that thread but am now unsure whether such a thread actually existed or not.

If I have a plan to host an event in 2 days on where I plan to have the event for 30 minutes and where the event is gonna be called “Giving the Example” can I post about it in any appropriate thread on MetaBrainz Discourse forums?(or should such stuff be confined to subreddits like , and similar sites?

I wanted to do a live event but never knew when I was going to decide to do one.

I’ve finally decided to do a live music streaming event on 13 Jan 2018 15:00 UTC Time which will be held on the “zczero Official Music Channel

Name of the event: "Enigmatically Powerful"
Event duration: 30 minutes
This live music event is meant to promote my new ‘work in progress’ album Sincerely Powerful.


As I promised an archived copy of the live music performance is now available.

The copyright for the performance is waived and released as

It is available here:


Okay, as I’m attempting to learn how to enter events in MusicBrainz I’ve just added my own event(the one I performed on January 13). You can see it here. If you would like please check my edit for errors or if you think there is room for improvement either make a direct edit or comment here.

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I’m going to do a live music event on Saturday, January 20 at 15:00 UTC Time

I’ve decided to do a live music streaming event on 20 Jan 2018 15:00 UTC Time which will be held on the “zczero Official Music Channel

Name of the event: "Enigmatically Enigmatic"
Date of the event: See above date or just follow this link
Event duration goal: Will attempt to keep the length of the event to at least 30 minutes. Earliest it could end at 15:30:00 UTC time.
Visuals: This event will feature some simple visuals. If you have any color preferences please let me know.

This live music event is meant to promote my new ‘work in progress’ album Sincerely Powerful. This is my 2nd event promoting the same album.

(subject to editing) Attendance lists can be created now:

Edit: Glad I just remembered to add this section:

Copyright Notice: All the copyright for the performance “Enigmatically Enigmatic” will be waived with “CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0)”

Follow the Creative Commons link I provided above to read your rights that you are gonna have over the work you watched after the event is over.

If you have any questions about my copyright notice or any other questions feel free to ask

The full streaming length for Enigmatically Enigmatic is 38 minutes and 20 seconds. Here’s an image that shows it previously was 00:38:20 in length 20_edit_in_progress and I cropped it down to 00:33:25 so that the archived version starts when the music show begins. Youtube stalled significantly with the editing process so the archived release was delayed extra as a result. In the future I will avoid editing out parts of the video. I edited out some parts because they were parts where the show hadn’t fully started yet and there were boring parts where little was happening. In the future I’m going to fill in those parts with music so as to prevent “boring parts” being available where little can be seen or heard.

The archived video of the event(the final cut version) “Enigmatically Enigmatic” is now available at:

I got a new idea for my 3rd live music event down below:

I’m hereby announcingEnigmatically Orange”. It starts at 03 Feb 2018 14:00 UTC Time and continues on until 15:00 UTC when the “regular show”, that was present during the last 2 live music events, begins.(that’s spontaneous music at 15:00 to about 15:30 UTC and will probably feature some orange rectangles and may feature blue and green too from previous episodes)

This is completely experimental and the stream will feature me doing a live composition at 14:00 UTC time(it may include lyrics) in MuseScore. The event will be made to promote my work in progress and upcoming album Sincerely Powerful. Obviously my 2 previous live music events were meant to promote it but I don’t think I was very good at it. This time I aim to change that by making a composition in the live stream that will make it into the album.(if not I may work on it again on the next promotion stream)

Copyright: The copyright in this show is gonna be tricky since I’m gonna stream LMMS and MuseScore so whenever those programs show up on the video(but only on the video, not the sound in the video) that video I cannot waive the copyright to since I do not own the rights to it so count it as fair use and nothing more.
The copyright for the composition is gonna be waived with “CC0 1.0” that is also gonna be part of the album Sincerely Powerful that I am promoting through this live music event.

Everything else in the video including sound, music and graphics are all waived with “CC0 1.0

So a recap:

  1. For everything you hear in the stream the copyright is gonna be waived as “CC0 1.0
  2. For everything that you see in the stream except LMMS and MuseScore the copyright is gonna be waived with “CC0 1.0
  3. The copyright for the composition is gonna be waived with “CC0 1.0
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The above event “Enigmatically Orange” did not happen so I set it to canceled.

Though I am hereby announcing 3 live music events which are going to be called:

  1. Catastrophically Foreboding (which begins Saturday, 10 February 2018, 14:00:00 UTC time)
  2. Catastrophically Disastrous (which begins Saturday, 17 February 2018, 14:00:00 UTC time)
  3. Catastrophically WizofOz (which begins on Saturday, 24 February 2018, 14:00:00 UTC time)

they are going to be held on the same Youtube channel that I’ve mentioned earlier.

They will all follow in the footsteps of how I wanted Enigmatically Orange to be setup before it was canceled with a composition stream starting at 14:00:00(whose creation will be incorporated in the WIP album I’m promoting), continuing until 15:00:00 at which point a “regular” stream begins(which is similar to Enigmatically Powerful and Enigmatically Enigmatic)

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I’ve never attempted to monetize my videos and/or streams but obviously somebody else wants to. Try listening to whatever is heard between 8:40 - 9:11. I doubt you’ll hear anything more than me. I heard 1(9:03) note being played, nothing more. Btw, has this happened to you anytime? I heard about the copyright claims on Youtube and that it is terrible but I didn’t know it is this terrible :slight_smile: make up your own mind about this please, would like some comments if you have the time to spare:

I found that the default Sound Font used in Musescore 2 is called “FluidR3Mono_GM.sf3” though on later findings the copyright claim may have nothing to do with the soundfont(which I found out to be MIT licensed for “FluidR3Mono_GM.sf3”).

Then 1 note and some silence is being claimed as “original music owned by ALIBI and friends” :smiley: that’s crazy

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I have no personal experience with copyright claims on my Youtube content. I have however heard lots of stories of strangers making invalid copyright claims about someone else’s content. Apparently Youtube routinely passes on claims which turn out to be invalid.

So, if you think this claim is invalid, protest it. I would be interested to hear how it goes.


I need to clear some confusion before I take any decision at all, I need to assess the situation. One thing part of my confusion is if having footage of the program MuseScore is considered fair use or if it is part of their “MuseScore does not impose any ownership or license on your work, whether it’s sheet music, exported audio files or the .mscz files themselves. What you make is entirely your own creation and you decide what to do with it.”.

I’ve asked at the MuseScore community forums about whether the footage of the program user interface, menus etc. is part of their “Can I use MuseScore commercially?” answer. I don’t know, but it would be interesting to know if that project has an official stance on live composition events, not just on YouTube but could be on any streaming site where somebody composes music live in front of a live audience(or where such audience has the chance to drop in whenever it likes to experience music being created).

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That’s what I’m not sure about.

Regarding the copyright claim I was given I’ve posted a statement at the MuseScore forums as I don’t want this copyright claim(valid or invalid) by “ALIBI” taking up all my time. Though it would be fun if they claimed some sounds I’ve sampled myself on a new video(where I own 100% my own content) as I’d be confident to challenge such claims even without consulting a lawyer but that remains to be seen.

I’m gonna try an experimental concert event called "Claiming Copyright On Breathable Air”. I’m gonna use only my own instruments in this concert so in case somebody claims copyright on it I can be most probably sure that its either a false positive or just a sign of plain ignorance from the part of the one claiming copyright infringement or those claiming copyright infringement on behalf of somebody else.

Therefore I am hereby announcing 1 live experimental music concert event which is going to be called:

  1. Claiming Copyright On Breathable Air”(Saturday, 17 March 2018, 14:00:00 UTC time). It’s one of my spontaneous music events and it’s gonna be my shortest event so far with only 15 minutes playing time.

Also this time around this event is not made to promote anything in particular. Though I will promote the event in a more organized way this time and also in a predictable and transparent way as an experiment. 1 week before the event, 1 day before the event and 4 hours before the event.(/r/SelfPromotionYouTube). I’m also going to check out other people’s content when I do my posters for the event so that I don’t solely focus on my own promotion there on the subreddit. Some people also promote some music and maybe I could add their music to MusicBrainz.

So to recap:

Event name: “Claiming Copyright On Breathable Air
Time and date the event starts: Saturday, 17 March 2018, 14:00:00 UTC time.
Event duration goal: 15 minutes.
Visuals: Mostly informational.
Copyright: The copyright for the performance is going to be waived and released as “CC0 1.0 Universal” during the event and after it has been archived.
Promotion(an experiment): Will be promoted on /r/SelfPromotionYouTube 1 week, 1 day and 4 hours before the event will begin but time will also be spent on evaluating with constructive feedback other people’s work.

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I understand the situation to be:
You have released a recording of yourself performing an original work on youtube.
ALIBI has used a section of that recording in a work of their own.
ALIBI has somehow been identified as the holder of the copyright on your release/work.
Youtube are proposing to disadvantage you because of the mis-attribution of copyright to ALIBI.

IF this is the case then I would:
a. Inform youtube that you hold copyright over your recording and work, that you reject ALIBI’s claim.
b. Inform ALIBI that, as the copyright holder of the recording and work, you require payment for the use of your recording and work in a commercial context. If you can come to an agreement then no worries. If not then,
c. Inform youtube that ALIBI is breaching your copyright (by using your recording and work for commercial purposes without your permission).


I think I already covered it but this is a citation from the video description

I was clear from the beginning that I was not sure whether I owned 100% copyright. It hit me like a boomerang so I learnt my lesson I think but thanks for your feedback and support.