Select existing recording MBIDs in 'Add Missing MusicBrainz Data'

Currently, all I am allowed to do with the green + box is to add a new recording, however some of the songs DO exist, but just weren’t recognized for some reason or another. Also, not all missing recordings are showing up - for example ‘Come & Go’ is grayed-out on, but doesn’t show up on either page of Missing MusicBrainz Data of "Coloradohusky" - ListenBrainz.


Semi-related to this - when I try to update additional_info with the ListenBrainz API by resubmitting the info (same JSON but with added info, such as recording_mbid), it doesn’t let me do it - I’m assuming that if I delete the listen and then resubmit it after it gets deleted it might work, but I haven’t tried it yet

Hi! The Missing Mb data page is paged. You maybe able to find the recordings there by going to next pages. However, we only store top 200 not founds for each user over the last few months so quite possible that the particular track didn’t make a cut.

You can delete and resubmit but wait at least an hour or two between the delete and resubmit because listens aren’t deleted instantaneously but by an hourly cron job.

I see a total of 36 tracks that show up, across two pages, and I see ‘Come & Go’ on there now, but other tracks such as ‘Queen of Earth’ by Weezer (listed on the same page as Come & Go) aren’t there.
As far as the deleting and resubmitting goes, while it will work for sure, I still wish there was a simpler way to update metadata.
Thanks for the reply by the way!

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FWIW I’ve asked about the same option (a lot of mine exist but don’t get matched either) and was told that the plan is to make that possible eventually :slight_smile:


I’ve created a ticket (LB-1151) to follow this feature request.
It’s been bugging all of us, but we haven’t gotten our head together yet to fix it.